About Us – A Passion for Helping People Who Need Long Term Care Medicaid

Over 35 Years of Combined Long Term Care Medicaid experience

Here, we have a passion for helping others. It’s the reason our business was started. But it’s also about our passion for long term care Medicaid. We have a combined total of 35+ years of long term care Medicaid experience, and it’s all we do, all day, every day.

And you have to have this passion in order to be successful in this business, because it’s hard. The rules are complicated, every family has a unique situation, and with just about every long term care Medicaid application, you have to ready to fight to get the correct approval, even with the perfect applications we submit.

What’s more, as a business, we’ve been helping people with long term care Medicaid applications for more than five years, and have an unprecedented success rate with people whose applications we’ve submitted. That type of experience is important, because one mistake in the long term care Medicaid process can lead to thousands of dollars being lost.

Meet the Team

Jennifer HansonJennifer Hanson, B.S., M.P.H.
Owner and Eligibility Consultant

More than 9 Years of long term care Medicaid experience

Jennifer’s passion is helping people, and specifically, helping them with long term care Medicaid. So much so, that she would rather be known for her eligibility consulting work than be known as the owner. In fact, she hired staff to help with operations so she can concentrate on what she loves.

Jennifer has more than nine years of professional and volunteer experience working in the long term care field, and eight years of experience in long term care eligibility including the seven years she’s been consulting for Helping Hands Consulting, LLC.

She has spent more than two years as the Long Term Care Specialist at the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing where she interpreted and implemented Medicaid policy, established long term care eligibility processes and procedures, and trained Case Managers at the various County Departments of Human Services.

Prior to her employment at the State, Jennifer worked as the Director of Admissions for Life Care Centers of America in Lakewood, CO and as a Program Manager of the Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center at Forrest General Hospital in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Human Performance, and a Masters in Public Health with an emphasis in Health Policy and Administration, both from the University of Southern Mississippi.



Mary HarlandMary Harland
Eligibility Consultant

More than 6 years of long term care Medicaid experience

Mary also has a passion for helping people. She has a wonderful talent for organization, and is one of our resident experts on long term care Medicaid policy. Between her and Jennifer, there probably isn’t a better wealth of policy knowledge in one spot in the entire state of Colorado.

She has more than six years of experience working with individuals with disabilities, seniors and their families. Mary spent five years working as the Long Term Care Specialist for Douglas County Human Services, and Gunnison County Human Services where she learned how complex the Medicaid process can be. She spent her time interpreting policies and regulations outlined by the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing and developed processes to ensure seniors were receiving the benefits for which they were applying.

Before working for the Department of Human Services, Mary worked for more than 10 years with the National Farmers Union where she worked closely with rural communities and created tangible benefits for members spanning over 26 states.

Mary is actively pursuing her Bachelors of Science in Sociology, with an emphasis in Gerontology.

Angela PenaAngela Pena
Eligibility Consultant

More than 10 years of long term care Medicaid experience

Angela’s passion to help others is extraordinary – it’s required to work here, but one of Angela’s greatest attributes is that she has spent so much time as the business office manager in nursing homes. Her unique perspective gives us the added dimension of someone with a working knowledge of how nursing homes operate, and how to help people who are in – or going in, nursing homes.

She has thirteen years of experience working in the long-term care field. She started off in 2002 as an Administrative Assistant and worked her way up to Business Office Manager. As Business Office Manager, Angela verified financials, insurance benefits, and assisted families in applying for long term Care Medicaid.

With her exceptional understanding of Medicare, long term care Medicaid, and health insurance, she understands how the payment system operates. In addition, she has attended multiple trainings on Alzheimer’s and dementia, giving her a deeper understanding of how that can affect families.

Angela has an Associates Degree in Accounting from Front Range Community College in Westminster.