Long Term Care Medicaid Services for Providers

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Let us Help You with the Frustrations of Long Term Care Medicaid

Let’s face it. Facilities like yours have enough to worry about when it comes to the care and safety of residents. Plus there’s dealing with families, billing – and if you accept Medicaid, you’re taking on a very helpful payer source, but with its complexities and constantly changing laws and rules, you’re also taking on what could be a very large liability. Facilities like yours constantly write off tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars in bad Medicaid debt simply because staff doesn’t have the time to keep up with the frequent rules changes, nor do they have the time to do all of the follow up on the applications with the counties and families.

Don’t let this be your facility – let us help. We know the rules like nobody does, because it’s all we do. We’ve helped facilities like yours save hundreds of thousands of dollars in bad Medicaid debt by fixing their Medicaid issues, and helping residents apply for long term care Medicaid. We have the expertise with over 35 years of combined long term care Medicaid experience.

Common Long Term Care Medicaid Issues

  • Incorrect Start Dates
  • Missed timely filing and redetermination time frames
  • Denied Cases
  • Knowledge that’s lost due to staff turnover
  • Difficulty Staying In Tune with Ever Changing Rules and Regulations
  • Other competing job duties and priorities
  • Inconsistent communication with counties
  • Difficult family dynamics

Medicaid Communities

Let Us Help You With:

  • Avoiding write-offs and bad debt adjustments, reducing your risk and liability
  • Obtaining long term care Medicaid benefits for your residents
  • Expert help from our staff who have over 35 years of combined experience with long term care Medicaid eligibility with a successful track record on over 1,700 applications, redeterminations and appeals
  • Being a resource to your staff, families, residents and patients
  • Filing Medicaid appeals
  • Determining countable vs. non-countable assets
  • Creating a private pay spend down timeline, ensuring a seamless transition to long term care Medicaid so that your residents/patients always have a payer source
  • Assisting with relocation for your residents/patients

Non-Medicaid Communities

Let Us Help You With:

  • Positively affecting your bottom line by avoiding write offs by reducing the amount of time residents who have lost a payer source stay, and creating space for private pay residents
  • Ensuring a seamless transition to long term care Medicaid while helping residents find a Medicaid community
  • Maintaining positive relationships with residents who appreciate you helping them transition to a Medicaid community that continues to meet their needs
  • Being a resource to your staff, families, residents and patients
  • Expert help from our staff who have over 40 years of combined long term care Medicaid eligibility experience and a successful track record on over 2,000 applications, redeterminations and appeals

Other Examples of Ways We Can Help Your Facility/Community

  • Appeals for cases where the facility assisted with, or family went through, the application process on their own and the county made an incorrect determination
  • Difficult Cases
  • Issues with 5615’s
  • For spend down cases, we make the transition from private pay to Medicaid a smooth one
  • When your facility has questions about Medicaid, we’re just a phone call away, free of charge. We also provide in-service trainings, help answer staff questions when it comes to long term care Medicaid, and let you know when there are changes in Medicaid law that affect your facility
  • Applications, redeterminations, appeals, hearings, and long term care Medicaid preparations assistance for residents, and more…

The Gold Standard of Comprehensive long term care Medicaid Services

More than 100 (and growing by the month) long term care providers including senior living communities, assisted living/memory care and nursing communities, home care companies, counties and county adult protection services, elder law attorneys, geriatric care managers, etc. rely on our expertise as well as our willingness to communicate with them on referrals.

Because we rely on our providers so much for their referrals, we’re constantly developing newer and better ways to serve them, including:

  • By request, tracking of all referrals sent to us and updates on client status
  • Relationship with a placement service that specializes in Medicaid placements as many of the clients we serve also need to move to Medicaid facilities
  • Relationship with a real estate firm that also specializes in buying homes “as is” with no inspection necessary so that families needing to sell quickly can get out from underneath homes that are in need of repair. This firm will also let clients take what they need from the home, and facilitate the rest being donated to charity
  • Staff available to call for questions regarding long term care Medicaid
  • Analysis of facility/community Medicaid debt with solutions to recover, lower or even eliminate it
  • A database of several trusted community long term care resources to recommend that have been vetted by us over the past seven years we’ve been in business