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At Helping Hands Consulting, LLC, we have a passion for helping people who need long term care Medicaid, no matter where they are in the process. So whether you’re just starting out and needing as little as expert advice on what your next steps are in the long term care Medicaid process, all the way to needing our help through the entire long term care Medicaid application process, you have peace of mind that Colorado’s leading expert in long term care Medicaid is on your side.

The same reason most of you wouldn’t represent yourself in court without an attorney or sell your house without a real estate agent, let alone trust someone who will do it for free. Because there’s a good chance that neither you or someone who will do it for free understands the complexities enough to not have the situation end up in a disaster.

That same concept applies to long term care Medicaid.

This is perhaps the biggest trap in getting approved for long term care Medicaid. The amount of rules and regulations is staggering, for one, and even if you can read and understand the roughly 137 pages of them, each family’s situation is unique. So there are hundreds, if not thousands of exceptions to exceptions based on your own unique circumstance. Not only that, but the rules and regulations change periodically.

Then you have to know what the county is looking for on an application and what documents to turn in to prove your loved one’s eligibility. There is also a functional assessment that will be done on the applicant when the county receives your application, so you would have to know what that criteria is. Most people only think about the financial piece when there’s an entire portion of the application process based on functional eligibility. But get this – it’s not mentioned on the application.

And if you’re married, there are many other layers of complexity with financial eligibility. For example, would you know if you’re entitled to a spousal allowance? If you don’t, and you’re eligible, you could be losing thousands of dollars per month. Or would you know what the asset limit difference is, or the rules around property and transferring assets?

Finally, let’s say you got this far and you got approved, would you know what date your long term care Medicaid is supposed to start or if you were approved for the right Medicaid category? If you were denied, would you know why, whether it was a correct decision by the county, or how to fight it if it wasn’t?

If you’re over income, are you ineligible? Do you know what the income limit is? Did you know that for most people, there’s a way to still become eligible even if you are over the income limit? Do you know what you’re supposed to do or how to do it? This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to applying for long term care Medicaid.

We know the rules and regulations, what’s allowed and what isn’t, what’s correct and what’s not. We provide you peace of mind that your application will be handled the right way, the first time.

Let’s say you’ve managed to navigate the entire gauntlet yourself or with the help of someone who filled out your application and sent it to the county for free, and you get the letter from the county stating you’re approved. Good news, right? That depends. Speaking from seven years of experience in this business, we can tell you that many of our cases come back from the county with the incorrect start date. Would you know what your Medicaid start date should be? That’s extremely important, because it’s when Medicaid will start paying for services.

Let’s give this a little more perspective. The average cost of a nursing home is $241 per day, or between $7,000 – $9,000 per month. If your start date is off by a week, you’ve already paid over $1,600 out of pocket unnecessarily.

Now let’s say you get denied. If you didn’t do everything you were supposed to, and the county is correct in its decision, you will need to re-apply. It’ll take another three months (on average) to re-apply, and then have the new application processed. Assuming the best case scenario is that you get approved, it was still a $21,500+ mistake.

Our fees are fair, reasonable and based on what you need us to do. Most people say they’re affordable, and some even say we don’t charge enough. But relatively speaking, they’re a drop in the bucket and a small price to pay to make sure your application process goes right the first time.

We’re the best at what we do, but we still have to appeal many of our cases because of mistakes made once the application is submitted to the county. Common issues with the county are things like applications and paperwork being lost, applications denied incorrectly, approvals getting the incorrect start date, or many times applications are approved, but for the wrong Medicaid program. The county does its best, but there are a lot of moving parts and errors can be made in a number of places.

We hand deliver our cases to the county, get a receipt for them, and then handle all county business for you. You don’t have to call the county and sit on hold, and you don’t have to go to their office, take a ticket and stand in line.

We monitor your application while it’s with the county to make sure there are no red flags popping up, and that the process is being handled in a reasonable amount of time. We address mistakes or concerns with the county directly, but if needed we’ll appeal the case on your behalf. If necessary, we’ll even go to a hearing in front of an administrative law judge to fight for your approval. And we don’t lose, because we have proven your eligibility before the county even gets the application.

Of course you can. But in case you skipped the subjects “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know,” “The Mistakes Aren’t Always Yours” and “Mistakes are Costly,” you should go back and read them.

Under those subjects, we cover why doing it yourself or through someone who does it for free can be disastrous, and how using a reputable professional service – even if it’s not ours, makes a huge difference. Do people successfully apply for long term care Medicaid themselves and get approved? The answer is very few, and of the ones that do, they are the simplest of cases and then there’s usually a fair amount of luck involved.

Say you know someone who will do it for free – here’s the problem with that. Knowing this extremely complex program, keeping up with the rules and regulations, and following through at the county level is a full-time job which takes at least three years or longer to master. People who do this for free have other jobs and responsibilities, and all they do is fill out the application and send it to the county.  Anyone can do that.  But you have to prove you’re eligible and often fight for the correct decision. They have don’t do this all day, every day like we do. Nor do they have the skills and knowledge developed over the years like we have. They don’t have the time to train on the rules and regulations weekly like we do, and they definitely don’t have the time or knowledge necessary to keep tabs on your application and fight for your application approval if necessary.

In reality, they don’t have the time or knowledge to do anything other than fill out your application and send it to the county, and there’s a lot more to getting successfully through the process than that. If it was that easy, everyone would be getting approved, but that’s not the case.

A typical scenario goes like this. Family finds out mom, dad, or both aren’t doing well at home and need higher levels of care, or worse yet, are in an emergency situation – the kind that comes with a fall or stroke, for example.

Families are then scrambling to look for home care companies, assisted living communities, or nursing facilities. Mom or dad are nearing the end of their assets and are going to need long term care Medicaid to pay for medical care, but family needs to find facilities/services that accept long term care Medicaid either now, or in the near future. They’re handed a big list of to do’s from each company they visit, every facility/company tells them something different, and they’re told they have to apply for long term care Medicaid yesterday on top of it – all while worrying about the health of mom or dad.

It’s an emotional, overwhelming experience for most people who essentially are putting their lives on hold for the needs of a family member while diving into confusing and unfamiliar territory – and battling against a time clock. Sometimes from out of state.

Getting approved for long term care Medicaid is the most important task among these, because after any remaining funds or insurance coverage is depleted, there is no other way to pay for the extremely expensive medical care your family member needs.

It’s a huge burden that we can lift from your shoulders knowing that Colorado’s most experienced and knowledgeable experts are on your side, allowing you to concentrate on the other important matters facing you and your family members. Our approval rates are unprecedented, and since 2010, we’ve successfully helped more than 2,000 people through the process. We work with people throughout the state of Colorado, and we’re an extremely helpful resource for people who live out of state and have a family member who lives here, or in areas of Colorado far from the family member in need.

Let’s face it, when people come to us, it’s because their #1 concern is to get long term care Medicaid approved for a family member. Long term care facilities come to us because of our expertise in this area, and because we get their residents and patients approved. And while it’s true our approval rate is unprecedented, having successfully helped over 2,000 clients through the process since 2010, people discovered that’s not all we’re about.
Go ahead and Google us. You’ll see one 5-star review followed by many more from clients we’ve helped over the years. And yes, they’re thrilled we got a family member approved. But what makes us even happier, are the comments people make about how well they were treated by our staff. We hire people who love people, first and foremost. We’ve all been involved in customer service at one level or another, have worked for nonprofit organizations, volunteered for various causes, etc. – or all of the above.

And that drives how hard we work for you, because this work is tough. There are companies that pop up all the time thinking it’s easy to do what we do, but disappear after finding out how difficult and high pressure this business is where one mistake could cost a client tens of thousands of dollars.

We’ve been in business seven years, and it’s not just because we’re people persons. You also have to have experience when it comes to long term care Medicaid, and there’s just no other way around it if you’re going to be successful in this business. It takes three years minimum to master long term care Medicaid. And then you have to know how it applies to each family’s unique situation, which takes additional time to master. Our staff has more than 35 years of combined experience in long term care Medicaid eligibility, and we’ve all either worked for the county in long term care Medicaid eligibility, for long term care providers, or for the State of Colorado. We’ve also become a top resource for long term care companies across Colorado when it comes to eligibility for their patients, residents and clients.
Tenacity is a must. Colorado is one of the hardest states for getting long term care Medicaid approved, for various reasons. Not only that, long term care Medicaid is the most complex government program for people in need. It requires constant training and dedication to our craft by each staff member. Each application takes on average, four to five months to get approved. Some get approved right away with few problems while others take many months more – even a year or longer for some cases. Many have to be appealed, and others require us to attend hearings in front of an administrative law judge. But we do whatever it takes within the rules and regulations, and we don’t stop until we get confirmation from the county that your case has been approved with the right Medicaid start date.
Most people are shocked (in a good way) when we tell them what our fee is for all the work that we do which includes an initial strategy meeting, all paperwork including the application, filing, representing you in all county communications and attendance at all county meetings, appeals and hearings if necessary. No kidding – we’ve even had someone go to one of our competitors because she thought there was something fishy about our price, and chose to go with someone else who charged double. FYI – we’re happy to charge you more if it makes you feel better.